Unlikely Engagement: The Duke’s Daughter – Lady Amelia Atherton: A Short Read Serial Novella 3 of 4

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A Duke’s Daughter and a Navy Commander… Locked in a Search for the Truth
A secret cypher and a clandestine engagement draw the unlikely pair together… now nothing will keep them apart.

Part 3 of 4 Short Read Serial Edition
From the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of
Hope for Charity from the Love, One Summer in Bath Collection

Formerly – The Music of Love

Lady Amelia Atherton, the daughter of the Duke of Ely, was the very jewel of the London Season.

The Royal Navy Commander Samuel Beresford is the brash, sometimes rude, younger son, of the Earl of Blackburn.

Two people have never been so mismatched, but now Lady Amelia’s father is dead, and Samuel’s older brother has been poisoned…

Both Lady Amelia and Commander Beresford find themselves deep in intrigue as they seek to get to the bottom of the foul play.

Amelia is not certain she can trust the impetuous Commander, but she also cannot stop thinking about him. The pair pour over books in a dusty study and entertain clandestine meetings, that is until Lady Amelia proposes a bold new plan…

One that may forever entangle her fate Samuel Beresford’s… the two may learn that such things are not so easily undone.

Amelia will show him a woman is more than a bauble for a man to possess. But perhaps Samuel will do what none of the Peerage could manage and find Lady Amelia’s heart…

Neither could imagine falling in love … now it seems they cannot imagine loving anyone else. 



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August 14, 2017