The Mad Heiress Meets the Duke – Georgette Quinby: A Short Read Serial Novella 1 of 4

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The Mad Heiress…Drawn to a Duke…
Rejected years ago…She swore to never love again…

Part 1 of 4 Short Read Serial Edition
From the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of
Dream of a Duke from Love’s Harvest: A Regency Romance Harvest Collection

Miss Georgette Quinby is known as The Mad Heiress.

Nearly a decade ago, when her fiancé jilted her, and married another woman, she threw herself down a stair in a fit of passion. Or maybe it was a parapet or perhaps a cliff. The Ton is not completely sure, but they certainly will not forgive nor let her forget. Georgette is sure she will never love again.

Now she is companion to her young cousin and chaperoning her coming out. Georgette has no prospects herself. But one night in a garden, she smells cigar smoke and realizes she is not alone. Georgette turns to leave, but it is too late. He has seen her and knows her…

Charles, The Duke of Eversley, and erstwhile British spy in the continuing war with France.

It was the Duke’s waspish younger sister who caught Miss Quinby’s fiancé and married him. Georgette certainly didn’t want to open that wound. Neither did The Duke, but a cypher in a potted plant, an English traitor, a young gambler and a pair of star-crossed lovers pull the jaded couple together.

From the ballrooms of the English Aristocracy, to ices at Vauxhall, to gambling halls, and secret meetings at the British Museum, they will dare much for King and Country.

Both have sworn they will never love again…but together they will find that even the most broken of hearts can heal. 


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June 19, 2017