The Mad Heiress’ Cousin and the Hunt: A Regency Romance Short Story

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A Young Heiress…In Search of Love…
She refuses to marry a fortune hunter…How will she find a gentleman who loves her and not her money?

A Stand Alone Regency Romance Short Story
From the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of
Dream of a Duke from Love’s Harvest: A Regency Romance Harvest Collection

Miss Fanny Markham has followed her cousin Georgette Quinby, also known as The Mad Heiress, through thick and thin. Fanny stuck by her cousin when Georgette was thrown over by her fiancé and chased after spies and The Duke of Eversley, but now, with Georgette away, Fanny’s flamboyant, fragrant aunt is her chaperone.

Lord and Lady Darby are hosting their famed hunt and Fanny has decided she is not leaving without a husband. But she refuses to entertain a fortune hunter. Being an heiress herself, she could not bear it if a man only married her for her money. Her cousin Georgette had once been wooed for her money and Fanny will never allow what happened to Georgette to happen to her.

She supposed Mr. Rupert Fellows was not a fortune hunter, if only he didn’t remind one so much of a young Labrador. No, eligible suitors were very thin, that is until Fanny met Lord Felix Hart. But Lord Hart has been courting Miss Annabeth Long.

Still, Fanny has never failed to achieve something to which she put her mind. So, Miss Fanny Markham has decided…

She will marry a man who wants to marry her because of her, and she will have him by the end of this house party. 

“The Mad Heiress Cousin and the Hunt” is a standalone regency romance short story that can be read before or after “The Mad Heiress and the Duke ~ Miss Georgette Quinby”



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June 19, 2017