Love’s Harvest : A Regency Romance Harvest Collection: 7 Delightful Regency Romance Harvest Stories

7 delightful Clean Regency Romance Harvest stories from number 1 best-selling authors. Immerse yourself in Love’s Harvest, and be swept away by love.

Finding the Duke’s Heir

A bored Viscountess, a despairing Duke, a charitable project, a Lady lost, a secret heir, a new chance for love. Julian Stafford, Duke of Windemere, lost his only son in a duel – a duel partly caused by his dead wife. His son’s betrothed vanished, and Julian has nothing but his dead wife’s debts left. Widow, Lady Sylvia Edgeworth, Dowager Viscountess Pendholm, wants something to do, now her children are married. She starts a charitable project. Her offer to buy a house uncovers mysteries for the Duke, and brings them together. What really happened around that duel? Can Lady Sylvia trust her attraction to the Duke? Will the Duke allow himself to love again?

The Earl’s Harvest Dilemma

Lady Sophia missed her season while mourning the death of her mother. With few options for marriage, she is horrified when she overhears her stepfather planning her betrothal to the offensive Duke of Wyndham. The Earl of Gifford inherited an estate in disrepair and faces a failing harvest, whilst his brother runs up gambling debts. An option which could save him and his brother, places him in a dilemma. Can the Earl and Lady Sophia find their way to love, or will others’ greed destroy them?

Dream of a Duke

In the style of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, Ms. Thorne tries a more gothic style Regency Romance in ‘Dream of a Duke’. Alexandra Burton, now a governess, goes back to her childhood home to care for the son of a Duke, who once was her friend. Her station makes it impossible for her to be his wife. She refuses to be his mistress. Nothing could bring people of such different classes together, except the Duke’s son… by a different mother.

A Perfect Match

Miss Elizabeth Devereux needs a wealthy husband, for her family to survive. Visiting the daughters of the Earl of Cambury, she hopes to meet a suitable man. Her friends want her to marry their brother –she is not so sure. Mr Alastair Chamberlain has newly come into wealth, but his inheritance is conditional on him marrying soon. Visiting Cambury he meets Elizabeth, and the attraction is mutual. Can they trust their emotions? Are they each simply seeing the other as a solution to a problem? Can they overcome the jealousy and plotting of her friends? Will they eventually find true love?

The Duke’s Matchless Maidservant

A Maid, a Manager, a Duchess’ secrets, an unexpected heritage, a love fulfilled. Colin Brown is the handsome property manager of the Weston estate. Lovely Leah Hoskins has just been hired as the Duchess’ lady’s maid. There are some mysteries at Weston Hall and whilst sparks fly between Leah and Colin, things seem hopeless — until the Duchess steps in to give them help, a future, and… a hope.

Tempted by a Duke

Miss Josephine Dudley loves horses. The daughter of an affluent landowner, fallen on difficult times, she has always dreamt of marrying the Earl of Langdon, who has the best stable in the county. Then, through a chance encounter, she meets the Duke of Granger. What starts out as loathing, soon turns into something else. But can a dashing rogue really turn into a handsome prince?

The Duke’s Secret Love

Cecilia Hatch meets the Duke of Northcastle by chance, in a thunderstorm, and offers him some advice about his intended betrothal. Soon, interfering with his plan to marry has undesirable results. Tangled in Lady Charlotte’s web of lies and deceit, Cecilia is at a loss – who to believe? Is the Duke really a cad as Lady Charlotte says, or can Cecilia believe his innocence? Will Cecilia’s life be forever ruined or will she finally discover the love her heart y


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April 26, 2018