Love, Be Mine: A Regency Romance Valentine’s Day Collection: 9 Delightful Regency Valentine’s Day Stories

Be swept away by love. Nearly 800 pages of wonderful clean Valentine’s Day Regency reading!

Loving the Bitter Baron by Arietta Richmond
Gerald Otford, Baron Tillingford, returned from war bitter, changed by what he had done. Lady Alyse Barrington, drawn to him regardless of his aloofness and brooding is certain that he is the man for her. Now, a madman stalks him, seeking revenge. Can Lord Tillingford save the woman he has come to love? Can Lady Alyse accept him, or will his worst fears be realised?
The Lord’s Secret Valentine by Isabella Thorne
Miss Harriet Dansbury, happy managing her family estates, is pushed to marry. When rescued by a stranger, who she meets again in the woods, things change. She should attend to the man her father wants her to marry, not escape to the woods at every chance. But, when nothing is as it initially seemed, how can Harriet find the truth? Will secrets be revealed before she is trapped in a loveless marriage?
The Earl’s Valentine by Grace Austen
Lydia Follett loathes the Earl of Darenfort who is engaged to her delicate sister, Alice. To protect her sister, the engagement must be stopped before its announced at the Valentine’s Ball. Her efforts to manipulate the arrogant man fail. Lydia sacrifices herself, and saves her sister. But, at what cost? Realising she no longer feels disgust and hatred for the Earl, she is trapped by her own hand.
The Duke’s Vicarious Valentine by Alyce Healey
Resisting an arranged marriage to Lady Awella Birchthorpe, Lord Marshampton plans a visit to a friend to gather his thoughts. On the journey things take an unexpected turn leaving him with amnesia – and a new life, working for the Earl of Asham as a labourer. He goes home when his memory returns But who will he marry – Lady Awella? Or someone else entirely?
The Valentine’s Day Deception by Gemma Blackwood
Jane needs a fiancé, and fast! Only handsome Earls need apply. It’s a perfect plan – as long as love doesn’t get in the way…
Sweethearts Dance by Kelly Anne Bruce
Lady Clara Beaufort is in Bath for the Season, though the budget is tight. When she falls for a notorious Earl, it seems as if her financial woes will be over. But… a mysterious friend seems to see her heart more clearly than she can. Will the secrets he finally reveals be enough to change her life forever?
A Valentine for the Duke by Katherine Keats
For servant-born Florentia, the social gap ruins her childhood friendship with Isaac, now Duke of Kinbury, and Lady Heather Evans. After a year away, Florentia knows that she loves Isaac – but he has drawn closer to Heather. Not wanting to betray her friend, and knowing she and Isaac could never marry, Florentia ignores it when Isaac tries to get close to her. Will love triumph? Or will their differences tear everything apart?
The Earl’s Valentine Promise by Lenora Levon
Delora Abney could never have known how much her life would change. Wynstan Rutherford, the Earl of Harland, cares more for horses than for dealing with business affairs. When Delora is left alone to raise her two young sisters her aunt makes an introduction. Will they take the safe path? Or will they dare to overcome the challenges, and find a new chance for love?
Love, Lace and Reality by Sophia Ansley
Miss Sarah Martin finds gentlemen’s expectations of a woman’s intelligence insulting. When her father’s illness threatens his life, Sarah seeks a betrothal for her father’s sake, to provide the political connections he needs – at the cost of her dreams of love. Michael Doyle, Viscount Bramlington, cares more for science than society. He leaves socialising to his ward – a man he vowed to support. But his personal wishes conflict with keeping that vow. When Sarah goes to London to find a suitor, a chance meeting will change her life. Can they be true to their hearts, as well as their duty? Or will love be lost?


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April 26, 2018