The Baron at the Ball: The Baron in Bath – Miss Julia Bellevue: A Short Read Serial Novella 3 of 4

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A Victim of Scandal…Unsure of her future…
Caught between two brothers…How will she ever find love..?

Part 3 of 4 Short Read Serial Edition
From the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of
Dream of a Duke from Love’s Harvest: A Regency Romance Harvest Collection

Miss Julia Bellevue once enjoyed her quiet summers in Bath, but that was before her father promised her hand in marriage to Lord Godwin Gruger, The Baron of Fawkland.

Lord Fawkland has a reputation as a rake and a scoundrel but it seems The Baron’s equally handsome brother, Cedric has secrets of his own…
It was Cedric whose stolen kisses in the garden have left Julia open to the rumors of the Ton.
Despite her betrothal to his own brother!

In the wake of the disastrous Pratt picnic Julia finds herself an object of ridicule and scandal.
Why should Lord Fawkland want to marry her now? Why should anyone?

Julia was always the kind of girl who would rather have her palette of paints than a room full of dancers, but now Julia must attend The Assembly Ball and face both brothers or …

Resign herself to the loss of her inheritance and the life of a spinster.

Caught in a whirlwind of rumors, picnics, parties and balls where no one is whom they pretend to be Julia must decide what she really wants…

The Baron or his brother… and if she can truly trust either man with her heart? 


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August 14, 2017