Stand Alone

The Deceptive Earl: Lady Charity Abernathy: A Regency Romance Novel

Lady Charity is the last of her friends to marry, and this summer, she finds Bath lonely.
When Lady Charity Abernathy meets Lord Neville Wentwell, she thinks he is a rogue and a scoundrel who has ruined more than one Lady. She wants nothing but to give him the cut.
Lord Neville Wentwell thinks Lady Charity is outrageous; a woman on the prowl for a husband, and he will have none of it. He has been hurt before… He will not play by her rules, or the ton’s.
But when Lady Charity needs his help, Neville understands and rallies and Charity wonders if she had made a mistake that she cannot repair.
Can love flourish amidst the problems of Neville’s PTSD suffering brother and her Alzheimer’s ridden father? Add in two future mother’s-in-law who would make Napoleon seem like a sweetheart and their happily ever after seems absolutely impossible. But of course, nothing is impossible to a woman like Charity.
Once Charity has seen the man behind Neville’s devil may care exterior, nothing can keep her from having him, not war nor disease, not even her mother or his!

The Gentlemen of Regency Romance Series are characters in the same universe, but the books themselves can be read as stand alones: front to back or in any which order.


Jane’s Christmas Baby: A Regency Romance Christmas Short Story (Gentlemen of Regency Romance Book 19)

Celebrate a Classic Regency Christmas at Keegain Manor.
No one is prepared for this Christmas Arrival…

Lady Jane, The Countess of Keegain, and her sister, Miss Julia Bellevue consider how to share the holiday cheer while snowed in with trying relatives and over-zealous friends.

The stress of the holidays is compounded by the eminent birth of Jane’s baby.

Jane’s friend Connie shares unsolicited advice about…well…practically everything, but even she is not prepared for this Christmas arrival.

As the holiday and Jane’s time draw near, Lord Keegain, The Baron Fawkland and Miss Julia Bellevue must take over the Christmas preparations and much more besides in an attempt to stave off tragedy.

Will this Christmas season end in joy or heartbreak?


The Forbidden Valentine: Lady Eleanor Hawthorne: Regency Romance Novel (Heart of a Gentleman Book 5)

Can love survive when generations of hatred threaten to tear it apart…?
Lady Eleanor Hawthorne never planned on falling in love with a Firthley. The Hawthornes and the Firthleys have been enemies since before Lady Eleanor was born, but when Eleanor’s sleigh is stranded in the snow she cannot bring herself to forget her handsome rescuer, even when she realizes he is David Firthley.

Likewise David Firthley finds himself entranced by the sweet violet-eyed girl who trudged through the storm to his doorstep. No matter her family name, he must see her again.

David and Eleanor pledge their hearts at the St. Valentine’s Day Ball, knowing they shall never be allowed marry.

Firthley and Lady Eleanor now find themselves trapped in a web of lies, secret meetings and long lost love letters. They must find a way to end the feud.
But with the truth of its origins lost to time how will their families ever find forgiveness?

Can the hatred of the past truly be forgotten…or are Eleanor and David fated to repeat the mistakes of the past and end in ruin?


The Mad Heiress’ Cousin and the Hunt: A Regency Romance Short Story (Gentlemen of Regency Romance Book 5)

“The Mad Heiress Cousin and the Hunt” is a standalone regency romance short story that can be read before or after “The Mad Heiress and the Duke ~ Miss Georgette Quinby”

Miss Fanny Markham has followed her cousin Georgette Quinby, also known as The Mad Heiress, through thick and thin. Fanny stuck by her cousin when Georgette was thrown over by her fiancé and chased after spies and The Duke of Eversley, but now, with Georgette away, Fanny’s flamboyant, fragrant aunt is her chaperone.

Lord and Lady Darby are hosting their famed hunt and Fanny has decided she is not leaving without a husband. But she refuses to entertain a fortune hunter. Being an heiress herself, she could not bear it if a man only married her for her money. Her cousin Georgette had once been wooed for her money and Fanny will never allow what happened to Georgette to happen to her.

She supposed Mr. Rupert Fellows was not a fortune hunter, if only he didn’t remind one so much of a young Labrador. No, eligible suitors were very thin, that is until Fanny met Lord Felix Hart. But Lord Hart has been courting Miss Annabeth Long.

Still, Fanny has never failed to achieve something to which she put her mind. So, Miss Fanny Markham has decided…

She will marry a man who wants to marry her because of her, and she will have him by the end of this house party.


Colonial Cressida and the Secret Duke

Meet Cressida Mayard, a simple merchant’s daughter from the colonies, who is sent off to London while the War for American Independence rages. Her father is to follow her, but he doesn’t appear, and her aunt takes it upon herself to make this rash American into something, or someone, that the ton will love. Meanwhile Cressida thwarts her aunt at every chance. She wants no part of the peerage. Will Cressida find love in the land of her father? Or will she hop on the first ship back to America?

Meet James Rutherford, the Duke of Lorne, who has never found a woman he could not woo, and never found a woman he wanted to marry. His mother is anxious for him to wed and secure his lineage. His sister knows he is a rake. When he finds a colonial waif running through his garden, he may think she is an easy woman, but when she rails on the pompous nerve of all the peerage, he decides it is best to keep his title a secret, until he realizes the only she hates more than a title is a liar.




Mischief, Mayhem and Murder – The Marquess of Evermont: A Regency Romance Short Story (Gentlemen of Regency Romance Book 10)

Frederic, The young Marquess of Evermont is just the sort of Lord the rest of the London Peerage scorn. He and his rakish friend The Duke of Pemberton have made a reputation for drinking and gambling away their nights. Disregarding any sandal they leave in their wake. That is until Frederic meets the beautiful Miss Adele Bouchard.

Adele is an actress who loves the stage more than any man. She knows that the Peerage consider an actress a woman of loose morals and she refuses to be what they say. Adele has no love of nobility herself, but she finds herself wanting to trust the earnest young Marquess.

But Frederic’s mistakes catch up with him, and another actress is found dead. Now no one is safe, especially the beautiful Miss Bouchard.

Frederic swears he loves her and Adele vows to live long enough to see if the gentleman means what he says…even if she has to catch a murderer herself!


 New Year’s Masquerade

Lady Matilda Dartmount has just celebrated her first Christmas since the fire—her first Christmas without her parents, the Marquis and Marchioness of Dartmount. (In Just One Christmas Kiss) She only has her little brother Clarence and her dour Aunt Alda as family. But shortly before Christmas Eve she met the new Lord Barrington. Uninitiated in the ways of the Ton, he is shy and unassuming, with a slight stutter in company, but has an inner strength that attracts Matilda. Under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve, a new love blooms.

Aunt Alda is determined that her niece will marry well, and a second rate Lord, who only just acquired the title, and lacks for social skills is simply not good enough. She thinks that Lord Phillips is a better choice. In fact, she thinks most anyone is a better choice.
Luckily, Aunt Alda won’t know who is under the mask, at the New Year’s Masquerade.