The Sedgewick Ladies

Lady Arabella and the Baron — Book 1

Is Lord Willingham the rake the gossips say he is or is he Lady Arabella’s last chance for love?

A man with a secret past, Lord Christopher Hayes, Baron Willingham, wishes
simply to be left alone to lick his wounds and regain the fortune his uncle lost to a villainous fraudster: a swindler who continues to plague Christopher wherever he goes. When Lady Arabella lands unexpectedly on his doorstep, Christopher is
forced to choose between helping her or keeping his secrets, but at what cost?

Lady Arabella Sedgewick fears spinsterhood, but she fears her attraction to Lord
Willingham, an infamous rake even more. When Christopher takes up residence
in the dilapidated manor house at the end of the lane, Arabella’s father forbids
her to associate with the scoundrel.

But Arabella ignores her father’s wishes and befriends Christopher. As their
unlikely friendship grows, Arabella is soon swept up in Christopher’s troubles and must make a dangerous choice. Which will she choose? Her friend or her heart?