Spinsters of the North

The Hidden Duchess

The Duke is an odious man.

To keep her father from hanging, Caroline must marry this repulsive man. Unless fate steps in and lends a hand, she will be miserable for the rest of her life.

Fate does step in, but only to muck up the works.

Caroline is thrust into a seedy world where she must struggle to survive.

Love is the furthest thing from her mind, as she scrubs chamber pots. But love sometimes grows in the most inhospitable environs and friendships are forged in fire and pain. Sometimes it takes a long while to get to that happily ever after, but that makes it all the sweeter.

The Mayfair Maid

She’s been kidnapped. He’s hiding his true identity.
Can love really conquer all?

Miss Marilee Pelletier…is a confirmed spinster.
After all, lady’s maids do not marry. They do not have romance in their lives except vicariously through their ladies.
Marilee loves her mistress, Miss Caroline…and her work.

Until she is kidnapped by the people who murdered a duke
People who don’t care about her well-being.
Marilee is separated from her friends and family…
Locked down under house arrest…
And treated as a slave rather than a person.
Marilee wonders if there can be a happily ever after for her

When all she loves has been left behind.

Can love really conquer all?

To cover his debts, Mr. Nikolas Harding threw in

with some very bad people.

Now, he can’t get out.
He finds himself attracted to the lovely new maid,
Miss Marilee Pelletier, but what does he have to offer her?
He can’t even give her his true name.
Mr. Nikolas Harding has an alias, Mr. Nikolas Crawley.

A slow burn romantic suspense.
Trigger warnings for violence and human trafficking