The Ladies of London

Wager on Love

Lady Charlotte Keening is not a woman to be underestimated. Set apart by her exuberant beauty and fearless demeanor, Charlotte is certain that when she meets the man of her dreams, she will know in an instant that he is the one. Except… he wasn’t.

Charlotte will not be fooled again. Unimpressed by good looks or false charm, she refuses to marry a fortune hunter. But when Sir John’s eyes meet hers, she’s afraid she might not be able to resist the silver-tongued baronet…

Sir John Ashbrooke, doesn’t believe in love, but the debt collectors can no longer be ignored… He needs to marry an heiress, and fast.

Charlotte is beautiful, intelligent, and most importantly rich.
She is the solution to every one of his financial problems. Thinking it will be a simple matter to charm her to the altar, Sir John agrees to a most ungentlemanly wager…

But Charlotte is like no other woman he has encountered.

There’s something utterly bewitching about her. She’s fiendishly wild and devilishly outspoken. Despite his worst intentions, John is captivated by her sharp wit and bright laughter… forgetting there’s any reason to marry other than Charlotte herself.

But an unknown enemy is searching for them.

Now, John must risk everything to ensure that the secrets of his past … don’t destroy his future.

The Duke’s Winter Promise

The duke kept the secret, but the sin was his to bear. More than anything, he did not wish for word of it to reach Emily’s ears. When the truth surfaces, Alexander may lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

Miss Emily Ingram is a lady. At least she has the appearance of one. Secretly, Emily would much rather return to the days of her childhood raising trouble with her wild brother and his best friend, the handsome Alexander. Emily’s mother, the Viscountess of Kentleworth has other ideas. Emily is given the Christmas holiday to choose between her London suitors.

Alexander may be a duke, but he is not a proper gentleman. He fears he is too late to win the lady’s affection. He only has until the New Year to discover Emily’s feelings. As the holiday festivities begin, an event from his past may sever their childhood friendship and extinguish any chance at love between them.

Will the duke’s secret destroy the love he hoped to kindle in her very proper heart? Will practical and determined Emily overcome what keeps them apart?

One can hope for a Christmas miracle. After all even the coldest heart can melt.

A sweet Christmas romance about growing up, overcoming the past and learning to love.