The Baggington Sisters

Almost Promised: Temperance

Alone and broken…Temperance Baggington never thought of herself as worthy of love. 

Abused by her father, and threatened with an awful marriage, Temperance ran away to a convent determined to become a nun. 

Five years later, lost, ruined and unable to take her vows, she returns home seeking solace. 

Resigned to spinsterhood, Temperance is unprepared for the understanding she finds in the eyes of Mr. Evan Crauford. Evan’s kindness is unlike any man she has ever known. 

After all she suffered, is it possible for Temperance to believe in love again? 

Perhaps Mr. Crauford can wipe away the sins of the past and finally heal her broken heart? 

If Temperance can allow herself to accept happiness… 

The Healing Heart: Mercy

Everything can be ruined in an instant… Mercy will never be the same. 

Abused by her late father, Mercy Baggington does not believe she will ever be free of the horrors of her past.

She had no desire to meet new people, and she certainly wasn’t planning to go along with her brother’s matchmaking plans. 

But when she is introduced to General Edmund Bradley, a veteran, injured in the Napoleonic War, Mercy is struck with compassion. General Bradley’s scars are visible; hers are not.

Can love heal two wounded hearts? Will General Bradley accept her once he learns the truth? 

Or will Mercy be forced to marry the horrid Lord Vardemere, a man even more terrible than her own father?

The Lady to Match a Rogue: Faith


Faith only wanted to be taken seriously… She never meant for things to get so out of hand, but men get funny ideas when a woman wears trousers.

Miss Faith Baggington and her twin sister, Hope, are the youngest of the Baggington siblings. The family has high expectations for the twins’ entrance into society and their future marriages, but Faith Baggington doesn’t want to be only half of a matched set, and marriage is the furthest thing from her mind.

Faith longs to be taken seriously as an author and a playwright. With the invention of the pseudonym, Mr. Emerson, and a letter to a London printer it seems her dream is at hand, but a mix-up will have Faith donning a masculine visage in more than just name.

Hijinks ensue when Faith, disguised as Mr. Emerson, secretly attends the Baron Torsford’s Ball. Complications threaten Faith’s scheme, Hope must take her twin’s place, and if anyone should find out both girls would be ruined!

To make matters worse Faith is falling in love with the handsome Mr. Oscar Titherington, a well know rake and troublemaker, who has taken a liking to the young playwright, and has no idea Emerson is really Faith.

As if that were not enough, the twins’ eldest brother Isaac returns from London ahead of schedule and has no idea what his sisters have been up to. The twins are used to playacting each other, but Faith discovers that dealing with society and twisted love triangles can get bit tricky when you are a gentleman who is really a lady.

A riotous regency romp about a dramatic, adventure seeking, bluestocking girl who finds herself at the center of a not-so-average love triangle.

Stand-Alone Book Set in The Nettlefold World

A cameo appearance of Lady Charity Abernathy.
Stitched in Love is in the town of Upper Nettlefold.
It can be read as a stand-alone, or as part of the Nettlefold Chronicles.

Stitched In Love

A seamstress who struggles to sew and a blacksmith loses his horse

The handsome blacksmith, James Brassey is beset by admirers, but he only wants one woman.

An accident with a dress might mean that Phoebe and her sister will end up destitute…

Or will love find a way?

A cameo appearance of Lady Charity Abernathy. Stitched in Love is in the town of Upper Nettlefold. It can be read as a stand-alone, or as part of the Nettlefold Chronicles.

Hope’s Story Coming Soon