Embark on a Wild Race for Horses and Hearts… A spirited Lady and a wicked Duke brought together by a tragic fall…locked in a desperate wager. Together they will find love is more precious than pride…and sometimes you must gamble your heart.








A Duke’s Daughter and a Navy Commander …a tragic accident, a secret cypher, and a clandestine engagement. A strange twist of Fate brought the unlikely pair together… now nothing will keep them apart.








Surrounded by Rumor…Betrothed to a Rake…
Caught between two brothers…How will she ever find love..?








A Duke and a Heiress Drawn Together…Tormented by the Past…Afraid to Love Again… A hidden cypher and an English traitor lock the couple in a desperate search. Together they will risk everything for King and Country…and learn there is no escaping from the longings of the heart.