Love Springs Anew: A Regency Romance Novella

A sharp tongued blue-stocking spinster and a widowed Duke. 

Have they both met their match? 

 Miss Philippa Dunn, the only daughter of Lord Montclair is firmly on the shelf. After scolding her betrothed in colorful language   and calling off thier engagement, she is branded a shrew. She is a self-proclaimed bluestocking who enjoys reading.

 Now, relegated to chaperone, Philippa is determined to help her beautiful cousin makes a better match than she did.

 Until the handsome Duke of Chutney finds Philippa alone in her garden with a book that is not quite ladylike.  Perhaps the Duke will be the one to see past the cruel words of the Ton and melt the ice surrounding Philippa’s heart.

Jane’s Christmas Baby: A Regency Romance Christmas Short Story

Celebrate a Classic Regency Christmas at Keegain Manor.
No one is prepared for this Christmas Arrival…


Lady Jane, The Countess of Keegain, and her sister, Miss Julia Bellevue consider how to share the holiday cheer while snowed in with trying relatives and over-zealous friends.

The stress of the holidays is compounded by the eminent birth of Jane’s baby.

Jane’s friend Connie shares unsolicited advice about…well…practically everything, but even she is not prepared for this Christmas arrival.

As the holiday and Jane’s time draw near, Lord Keegain, The Baron Fawkland and Miss Julia Bellevue must take over the Christmas preparations and much more besides in an attempt to stave off tragedy.

Will this Christmas season end in joy or heartbreak?

Colonial Cressida and the Secret Duke

Meet Cressida Mayard, a simple merchant’s daughter from the colonies, who is sent off to London while the War for American Independence rages. Her father is to follow her, but he doesn’t appear, and her aunt takes it upon herself to make this rash American into something, or someone, that the ton will love. Meanwhile Cressida thwarts her aunt at every chance. She wants no part of the peerage. Will Cressida find love in the land of her father? Or will she hop on the first ship back to America?

Meet James Rutherford, the Duke of Lorne, who has never found a woman he could not woo, and never found a woman he wanted to marry. His mother is anxious for him to wed and secure his lineage. His sister knows he is a rake. When he finds a colonial waif running through his garden, he may think she is an easy woman, but when she rails on the pompous nerve of all the peerage, he decides it is best to keep his title a secret, until he realizes the only she hates more than a title is a liar.

Mischief, Mayhem and Murder – The Marquess of Evermont


Frederic, The young Marquess of Evermont is just the sort of Lord the rest of the London Peerage scorn. He and his rakish friend The Duke of Pemberton have made a reputation for drinking and gambling away their nights. Disregarding any sandal they leave in their wake. That is until Frederic meets the beautiful Miss Adele Bouchard.

Adele is an actress who loves the stage more than any man. She knows that the Peerage consider an actress a woman of loose morals and she refuses to be what they say. Adele has no love of nobility herself, but she finds herself wanting to trust the earnest young Marquess.

But Frederic’s mistakes catch up with him, and another actress is found dead. Now no one is safe, especially the beautiful Miss Bouchard.

Frederic swears he loves her and Adele vows to live long enough to see if the gentleman means what he says…even if she has to catch a murderer herself!


The Duke’s Wicked Wager: Lady Evelyn Evering

Embark on a Wild Race for Horses and Hearts… 

A spirited Lady and a wicked Duke brought together by a tragic fall…locked in a desperate wager. Together they will find love is more precious than pride…and sometimes you must gamble your heart.

Lady Evelyn Evering is an avid horsewoman.

But since the death of her father it seems Evelyn’s sole responsibility is to prevent her brother Frederic from squandering the family fortune with his drinking and gambling, though he is assisted in his vice by his rogue of a friend, The Duke of Pemberton.

Frederic thinks marrying Evelyn to a rich old Marquess will improve their fortunes, but the man is twice Evelyn’s age!

In her desperation, Evelyn makes a wicked wager with the handsome Duke, that her mare can beat his stallion in a turf match race. The Duke states that a mare can never beat a stallion, but he takes Lady Evelyn’s bet, commenting that it is only handful of horses…but those horses are Evelyn’s life, and all she has left of her father.

Now it seems Lady Evelyn has gambled her heart along with her beloved horses and stands to lose them both to the Duke.

A wicked wager made in haste, a stolen kiss, an unsuitable suitor and a tragic tumble threaten everything Lady Evelyn one held dear. She and the Duke will struggle with passion and pride…and learn that maybe one is not worth the other.

Will Evelyn lose her prized stable to the Duke…or will she lose her heart?

Stitched In Love

A seamstress who struggles to sew and a blacksmith loses his horse

The handsome blacksmith, James Brassey is beset by admirers, but he only wants one woman.

An accident with a dress might mean that Phoebe and her sister will end up destitute…

Or will love find a way?

A cameo appearance of Lady Charity Abernathy. Stitched in Love is in the town of Upper Nettlefold. It can be read as a stand-alone, or as part of the Nettlefold Chronicles.