About Isabella

Although she lives in the United States, Isabella Thorne loves writing stories set in the Regency period of
Great Britain. The pageantry and beauty of the time has always enthralled her. When she was a child,
she grew up on a steady diet of Regency stories with a smattering of gothic suspense. Isabella first read
and enjoyed Georgette Heyer and then Jane Austen. After devouring her way through those books,
Isabella was hooked. She wrote some of her first stories at twelve and mercifully, did not share them
with the world. Since she needed polish, she decided the only way to go forward was to major in English
Literature, as if that would find her a job! So when she found herself unemployed, she did what any
sensible person would do. She went back to school for her master’s degree. Still failing any real job
worthy skills, she fell back on her first love, writing, and with the advent of Amazon Kindle, she found a
path she could embrace.
Isabella tries to emulate what she loves best about some of the classic Regency writers. That is, she likes
to set her stories in ballrooms, not bedrooms. The witty banter shared by the characters is something
she loves to write and even sometimes practices aloud! Never mind her atrocious British accent! She
most especially likes to write about aristocratic heroes and spunky heroines, who although constricted
by their time and their sex, still manage to find a way to their happily ever after.
Isabella does meticulous research because nothing throws her out of a story faster than stupid mistakes
that could be rectified with a simple google search. She tries very hard not to impose that flaw upon her
readers. However, she is human, and sometimes things slip by.
Please forgive this American her occasional mistakes and the annoying fact that books set in England are
edited with US English rules. Isabella Thorne’s books are edited with US English because American
readers are more bothered by the occasional U added to words like favour than the British are bothered
by, well anything. I have several editors and proofreaders, but if you do find any glaring Americanisms,
typos or other mistakes, please email me at isabella@isabellathorne.com and I will endeavor to fix the
Isabella lives near Pittsburgh, PA with her daughter, her two dogs and too many cats.

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