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The Georgette Quinby Series

The Mad Heiress and the Duke is the first of a four part serialized story, entitled “Sweet and Wholesome Georgette Quinby”.

This novella can be read alone, but is best enjoyed as book one in the proper sequence of four novellas.

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Meet the Mad Heiress, Georgette Quinby. Nearly a decade ago, when her fiancé jilted her, she threw herself down the stairs in a fit of passion, or maybe it was a parapet or perhaps a cliff. The Ton isn’t too sure, but they certainly won’t forgive nor let her forget.

From the ballrooms of the English Aristocracy to ices at Vauxhall to gambling hells, and secret meetings at the British Museum, they will dare much for king and country. They find a common friendship, but both swear they will never love again…but will they?

The Mad Heiress’ Cousin, Fanny Markham has followed Georgette through thick and thin, and stuck by her when she was thrown over by her fiancé. She chased after spies and dukes, but now, with Georgette gone, Fanny’s flamboyant, fragrant aunt is her chaperone. How will she ever get on? It should be her turn, but without Georgette at her side, will fate bring Fanny adventure or heartache?

This is a completely standalone Regency Romance short story that can be read before or after the “Sweet and Wholesome Georgette Quinby series.”

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Regency Romance by Isabella Thorne

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